Thursday, October 29, 2015

Canada, Ontario, Day 5 - Maid of the mist, Waterloo, back to NYC

4th October So this morning I got up at 5am again for another early start to the day.  I was really tired but there was no time to rest, today we were going to take the maid of the mist tour, go to Waterloo for lunch and shopping and then after that it was back to NYC.

5:45am The group met downstairs where we had a quick early breakfast.  It was buffet but we only had about half an hour to eat, so we couldn't eat too much.


6:30am Boarded the bus, I boarded the wrong bus initially, since we had two buses.  I was wondering why was everyone on the bus looked different, too funny.  But anyway after that it was back across the border onto American soil, where we picked up the rest of the tour group from the previous day.  First stop of the day was luna island.

The weather was pretty good today, no rain.

Statue of Tesla.

About Luna Island.

The falls

Rainbow bridge from Luna Island.

The American falls from Luna Island.

Rainbow bridge from Luna Island.

I spoke to an Australian woman from Melbourne who also had been working in New York but she's heading back to Melbourne later this month, works as a business analyst for a company.  I can't remember her name now to save my life. but yeah it was just nice to just talk to an Australian after so long.  She was also part of the tour group and in the same bus as me.

After that we took a short walk further down the island where we caught the maid of the mist boat.

At around 8:30am or so we finally boarded after waiting for about half an hour.  Everyone was given a blue poncho, you'll need it because without it you will get completely wet!

American falls with bridal veil falls on the right.

Horseshoe falls.

Blue lemmings with rainbow on the boat.

We were done around 9:15am and then given some time to explore but had to go back and meet the group at 9:45am.  I went around took a couple of photos and then went back to the viewing platform and took some photos there as well.

American falls, Horseshoe falls and Canada on the right.

It was a short walk back to the bus after that.  My camera had gotten a bit wet from all the water and was behaving erratically.  I left it out to dry and thankfully a few hours later it started to work normally again.  So at this point we were going to drive all the way to Waterloo premium outlets for food and shopping.  There was a food court there which mainly served fast food, nothing too exciting, I had Arby's.

12pm We arrived!  And I ordered food.

Exciting food court eh?

Chicken burger with fries.

Anyway after that I spent the next 2 hours or so looking for a belt with a changeable buckle but I couldn't find one.  Eventually I settled for a Calvin Klein belt and threw out my old rotting one into the bin.  Funnily enough the Australian woman bought some things from, of all the shops there, the same Calvin Klein shop.  Anyway, I'm not a big fan of shopping, but I needed a belt since my old one was literally rotting away.

2pm We were supposed to leave but had to wait a while while the Singapore woman showed up, she held up the bus!  After that it was a drive all the way to Pennsylvania.

4:15pm  Arrived in Pennsylvania where we stopped for a toilet break and then it was back on the bus.

We didn't get back until about 8pm or so into New York City.  I was pretty damn tired.  Said goodbye to the Australian woman and gave a tip to the nice crew on the bus.  I caught the metro back to the hostel where I found my clothes which were still in the bathroom.  This time I was in a different room with a guy from Slovenia, didn't talk to him much since he had to leave the following day.

Around 9:30pm I caught the metro to Chinatown and ordered noodles.  I was so incredibly hungry.  It was literally the first restaurant around the corner.

E-fu noodles, best ever.  I finished it all.

It's open, that's all that matters.

Around 10ish I went back to the hostel.  Lights out was around 12am again or so.  My plan was to finally have a decent night's sleep, get up refreshed and to visit the top of the rock at the Rockefeller centre the following day.  Also planned to have a meeting with J, who is another friend and then later in the afternoon I was going to meet M again.  Yeah I know it sounds like I'm a spy with all these first letter names. ;)  But anyway finally I'm back to NYC and I can finally say I've seen the Niagara falls!

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