Sunday, October 18, 2015

USA, New York, Day 1 and 2 - Getting Lost, Brooklyn Bridge, Museum of Art and Design

So on the 26th of Sept I decided to go to New York, and so I did.  I booked flights, accommodation, and it was all done in a matter of 2 hours after I made the decision to.  Spontaneous and crazy, yes that is me.  My flight was on the 30th of Sept flying from Oslo to Helsinki and then Helsinki to New York.  It was a long flight but I love the city of New York and the US in general, so I thought "hey why not?".  It'll be my third time and I'm already a pro at navigating the metro.  So I decided to spend a week there.

30th Sept I arrived into New York at 4pm and got into the hostel around 6:30pm.  Buggered as all hell, so I went to have dinner at the nearby sushi place, unfortunately it wasn't very good and overrated.  Thankfully I already ate a bit on the plane.  I wanted to watch the movie, "The Intern".  I then went to the Williamsburg cinema, but it was showing at 10pm and I was hoping for an earlier screening. So I picked the wrong cinema.  After that I went to Union Square but it wasn't showing at the cinemas there. Eventually found the correct East Village Cinema but it was showing at 10:30pm.  But I bought the ticket anyway, it was a really small cinema, only 6 of us watched it. Movie was good but I feel asleep at the end with 5 minutes to go.  I didn't back to the hostel until 1:40am.

Where I hung around for a while.

Time to go back to Brooklyn!

1st October This morning I walked to the Brooklyn Bridge which was pretty fun.  Windy as anything, and a lot of people.  Later in the afternoon I was going to meet a friend and then we were going to go exploring together.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Love lockets on the bridge.

Downtown Manhattan.

Brooklyn bridge panorama.

Some African Americans performing, it was almost a scam really cos they demanded at least $20 from everyone who was there.

2pm Went to Penn Station and met my friend M.  Got bothered by some hobos, I gave one $1 to leave me alone.  M showed up around 3pm and then we caught the metro back to downtown Brooklyn so she could check in.  After she freshened up we went to the MAD (Museum of Art and Design).  It was a small museum, several levels, and at the top floor there was a jewellery design exhibition.  The weather wasn't so good, in fact it was raining all the time, so we couldn't do much outside walking even though we did because we had to.

Just outside Penn Station.

The MAD museum.


The jewellery exhibition.

Just outside the MAD.

Around 8pm or so we headed back to Brooklyn and had dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant called "al di la Trattoria".


Whole chicken!

Around 11pm we reached the hostel and it was lights out after that.  The next day we were going to Washington DC for a day trip.

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