Friday, October 30, 2015

USA, New York, Day 6 - Rockefeller Centre Top Of The Rock, Lego, Veselka, Grand Central Terminal, Times Square

5th October I woke up around 9am after days of getting up at 5am and sleeping late.  I sure needed it.  It was a very slow start to the day.  I eventually left the hostel around 10ish am and first stop of the day was the Rockefeller centre.

Rockefeller centre.  Lego store is on the right.

Rockefeller centre.

Rockefeller centre, with all the flags.

I was last here in 2009, back then it was winter and I had a man who was sleeping on the train follow me and help me take photos.  I gave him $10 and bought him some pizza at the end of the day before going up the empire state building.  But I didn't go into the lego store back then.  This time I did go into the lego store.  I bought lego keychains, superman and supergirl of course.

Pick and build your own lego.

Ghostbusters.  There was also big bang theory and lots of other characters.

Star Wars.


Giant lego.

Pick and build your own lego.

12pm After that I walked to the basement of the Rockefeller centre and had a salad for breakfast/early lunch.

Black bean salad.

I was supposed to meet J around 1pm but that she wasn't sure if she had time, so I was just hanging around the area in case I did, she did she ring close to 1pm and asked if I still wanted to meet for lunch so I said yeah why not and caught the metro down to the East Village, which is near St Mark's, I was there last year.  Anyway I think I met her around 2pm.

2pm I met J and had lunch at Veselka.

Mushroom and barley soup.

Different pierogi.  The ones in Russia and Latvia are much better.

So anyway J is an artist of sorts, she designs her own stuff and sells them.  She was going to this year's comic con as a vendor and had tickets.  Too bad I wasn't going to stay for a longer period otherwise I could get free entry.  Oh well maybe next year.

Around 3:30pm we said goodbye.  I walked to Union Square and was supposed to meet M there.  She hadn't even checked into the hostel, apparently she got lost.  Anyway after that we went back to the Rockefeller centre, catching the metro, I suggested going to the top of the rock, so that's what we did.  But not before stopping at the Nintendo store, which is also close to the Rockefeller Centre.

Inside Nintendo World.

Green Toad from Mario.

Around 5pm or so we went in and bought the Top of the rock tickets which allows us to get to the top of the Rockefeller Centre.  The time was for 6:45pm so we had time to kill.  We walked around the basement, M had a salad and then after that we went to get ice cream.  I got a massive New York Fudge.

Good but oh so filling afterwards.

After that we walked back out and to the lego store again.  It was around 6pm at this time.  I had some card reading done by M, apparently she reads tarot cards.  And the cards pretty much said change is on the way.  That's as much as I could remember.  I'm not a huge believer of these things but it was an interesting way to spend some time.

Around 6:30pm we walked back and went into the rockefeller centre, there was a massive queue, but we all got to the top eventually after going through the queue then an elevator.  The elevator goes up 70 floors, and has a glass window.  When you go out, there's another platform at the very top which is 3 floors.  It's a pretty nice view at the top, and was surprisingly not very windy.

View at the very top, empire state building right in the middle!

Around 8pm, we were done.  I suggested going to Grand Central Terminal for dinner, so we did.  The Oyster bar is great, I have been there every time coming to New York!

Grand Central Terminal.

Oyster stew.


Around 10pm we left and took a walk to Times Square.  Which is pretty much the same as it is always.  Lots of tourists and people.

The Famous Times Square!

10:45pm After walking around a bit, we left and caught the metro back to the hostel.  Lights out was around midnight or so.  I talked to a German guy in the living area at the hostel and he was telling me about the high line which was a former railway line turned into a track.  I thought that was cool so decided to do that the day after.  There was also a really drunk American girl in the living area who was being a complete ass because I asked her to guess where I was from.  For goodness sakes', don't get so drunk until you behave like a fool woman!

Anyway it was a pretty fun day and I definitely went to a couple of places.  I had been to the top of the Empire State Building before, but not the Rockefeller Centre.  Plus I got to eat at the Oyster Bar again, which was also pretty good.

Lights out was after midnight.  The following day we had to checkout and checkout time would be at 10am.

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