Monday, November 16, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden, Day 1 - Södermalm, Gamla Stan

Last week I received an email from a company in Stockholm saying they wanted to hire me and offered to pay for some days for me to stay over in Stockholm.  So I did.  I booked flights and accommodation for 3 days.  Yes this was completely unplanned and random.  It's one of those extremely random moments.  The strangest thing is, I did not even apply to work for this company which makes it even more random.  I had a 30 minute chat with them over Skype and next thing you know I'm off to another adventure.

I know.

10th November Woke up at 4:50am to catch the 8:30am flight to Stockholm.  Tried to sleep a little in the plane.  I was going to the company offices between 3 to 4 but turns out the CEO isn't available until after 5:30pm so I went to do 2 tours, one started at 1pm at Södermalm and the other was at 4pm at  Gamla Stan (Old Town).  I talked to some German chick from Keel in the first tour and the second tour I talked to an Australian girl.

One of the 14 islands of Stockholm.

One of the 14 islands of Stockholm.

One of the 14 islands of Stockholm.

Katarina Church.

Katarina Church.

In front of Katarina Church.

Katarina Church.

This is where the Girl with the Dragon tattoo was shot, Bellmansgatan 1.

Bellmansgatan 1.

Xmas tree.

Lake Riddarfjärden with City Hall

Walking towards Sergels Torg.

Sergels Torg, meeting place for the Old Town tour at 4pm.

City hall on the right during dusk.

Old town.

Actual Runestone in old town.

German church in old town.

Royal Palace in Old Town.

Statue spotted near Old Town.

6pm Showed up at the offices after the Old Town tour was done and met some of the guys, but not the development team since they had already left.  I had dinner with Johan, Frederik, Felicia and Guillerme.  Later in the evening after dinner there was a party where I met Clara and Thelma.  This was at the Blixten offices, they're sort of like a Ticketec in Australia and a Ticketmaster in the USA.  Alcohol and food was present.  And a lot of people.  Even some Swedish celebrities.  Apparently they get invites to parties all the time.  I spoke to another guy named Anton who also works at the company and he asked if I wanted to go to another party the next day.  I spent most of the evening speaking to Thelma.  She's really insanely cool, and I don't throw superlatives around often.  Born Swedish but likes durians since she spent 10 years living in Thailand.  We even bitched about Norway and crappy Scandinavian food.  Makes me really think, there's really no such thing as race.  Get some western looking person, put them in China as a child and they'll grow up as Chinese.  Humanity needs to grow a brain and we need to start thinking on a higher level.  Anyway after 11pm or so I headed off with Thelma and we caught the train together, of course she went back home and I went back to the hotel.  She even gave me a hug.  This will never happen in Norway.  I didn't sleep until after 1am, and I was really bloody tired.  It was an interesting first day though.

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