Monday, November 16, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden, Day 2 - Vasa museum

Today I spent most of my time at the Vasa museum and then later in the afternoon I went down to the offices to meet the development team and had a chat with Johan after that.  It was an early night for me compared to the day before.

11th November Woke up at 8am or so, it was a real struggle since I slept quite late the night prior.  After breakfast which was the typical Scandinavian style breakfast I caught the tram to Slussen, took a short walk, and then the bus to Strandvägen and from there it's a short walk over the museum.

Along Skeppsbron.

I spent about 5 hours at the museum.  There's a short film, an English tour, and several floors to explore.

Along Djurgårdsbron.

Outside the Vasa museum.

The Vasa in all its glory.

The diver suit used to scavage for the Vasa.

The diving bell.

How the bell was used to salvage the guns after the ship sunk, the guns were salvaged but the ship still remained sunken.

Capstan for hoisting the sails.

The grating.

The main mast.

Artefacts on board the ship.





Hat in cask.

Definitely not Nikes.

As above.

There's a simulator where you get to try to save the Vasa.  Too bad I was not born in 1600s.

How the ship is being preserved.

Skeleton of one of the crew on board the ship.

Vasa museum.

Around 4pm I left the museum after buying some post cards.  Took a short walk to Skansen and then went back to Strandvägen and walked to the offices.

Skansen, I couldn't go since it had already closed.

Along Djurgårdsbron, night view.

Sergels Torg.

5pm or so I arrived, met Alex and the rest of the team.  He showed me how the product worked, also had a discussion with Fred.  After everyone left I had a talk with Johan about the offer and negotiated something better.  I'd completely forgotten to have lunch, but I had dinner at Jensens Bøfhus.  After that it was the metro back to the hotel.

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