Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden, Day 3 - ABBA museum

Today I spent most of my time at the Abba museum after dropping off my luggage at the office in the morning.  Later in the afternoon I went back to pick up my luggage, said goodbye to the guys and caught the bus and plane back to Oslo.

12th November Woke up at 8am or so.  Had breakfast, checked out then caught the tram and metro down town, from there I walked to the offices, had a short chat with the guys, dropped off my stuff and went to the ABBA museum.  Why'd I pick the museum?  Well I wanted to go Skansen but the weather wasn't good so I picked the museum instead.

The way to ABBA.

12pm or so I arrived and walked to the museum, on the way I met the Australian girl who just went there and asked her how it was, she said she was done in just over an hour.  There were hardly any people, mostly retirees and few young people.






Before ABBA was ABBA.

The first years.

Inside the museum.

Get a room!

As above.

As above.

Who ya gonna call?  Apparently the phone rings sometimes.

Costumes during Waterloo performance.


Waterloo performance.

Actual studio on the right and in the back you can see some mixing stations.

This is the interactive so what you do is you first scan your ticket then you get to mix some ABBA songs, it's pretty cool.  When you get home you can see your score on the abba museum website.

Dressing room.

Karaoke time, this also gets saved to your ticket so you can check it out later on the website.

My score.  I chose "Mama Mia".

The Tailor room.

This is really cool, you could be a member of ABBA and sing on stage with these 3D holograms.  I wasn't brave enough to do it since I went alone, but hey next time if I have a companion... those 3 women sang and I took a picture of them.


I didn't know they made a movie but apparently they did.

Only 3 seats?  Guess someone had to sit on the roof.


Another interactive room.

Hall of fame.  There's different rooms with a brief history of each period from the 20s all the way till today.

As above.

I had one of these!

My brother had one of these.

As above.

As above.

Swedish music hall of fame.

Maroon 5?  Not so fast.. read the text!

At around 2:30pm I left the museum, took a walk to the nearest post boxes and mailed post cards then I was off to the offices again.


The ABBA museum was really good, better than I expected.  You'll definitely get lots of positive vibes coming out of it and even sing.  I highly recommend going to it, and even I'm not an ABBA fan.

3:45pm I said my goodbyes to the team and caught the bus to the airport.  I checked in with about an hour to go, the flight was eventually delayed by about half an hour.  I didn't get back home until 10pm or so.  All in all it was a fun couple of days.

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