Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wales, Days 8 to 9, Holyhead, South Stack, North Stack, Holyhead mountain

6th to 8th Dec

Following Dublin I caught a ferry to the coast of Wales.  The weather was absolutely terrible on the 6th, with flooding in different parts of the country including England.  My ferry was delayed by several hours.  Thankfully that was all.  I arrived mid afternoon on the 6th of Dec in Holyhead and spent the rest of the evening walking around town and just enjoying myself with finally getting some alone time after 2 weeks of bunking with strangers.

On the 7th I had an absolute epic hike around the coast of Holyhead, it was really beautiful.  Windy but beautiful.  I was the only one there, it was stunning.

Coast of Holyhead, Wales

Coast of Holyhead, Wales

Coast of Holyhead, Wales

Coast of Holyhead, Wales

Wild horses


Coast of Holyhead Wales, a few steps ahead is a massive cliff drop

Coast of Holyhead, Wales

Spectacular cliff drops



Top of Holyhead mountain, so windy I could not even stand up!

Top of Holyhead mountain

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