Sunday, March 20, 2016

Helsinki, Finland, Days 34 to 41, Katajanokka Prison, Lux Helsinki, Helsinki, Helsinki, Helsinki!

1st Jan to 8th Jan 2016

From the 1st of Jan up to the 8th of Jan I was in Helsinki, mostly wandering around and taking my own time exploring the place.  I have been here plenty of times, at least 4 and I've pretty much seen all there is to see.  Helsinki has a special place in my heart though, I love design and the city just resonates with me on that level.  So what better way than to spend New Year in one of its prisons?  I also went to the Lux Helsinki which is a light festival.  Funny story, we started off with around 10 people at 7pm, there was the South Africans, the Canadians and the Asians.  With less than 2 hours to go, the South Africans left, and so did the Asians, as it was too cold.  And it was quite cold, -25 excluding wind chill.  So it was just me and the 2 Canadians left.  You know you've lived in Norway too long when you're the only Asian surviving in a tour that's held outside at -25.  It was so cold my phone battery went to 0% with less than 2 hours of usage.  Even the water in my water bottle froze!

On the 9th of Jan I flew to Zurich, then to Hong Kong and finally to Singapore.

Katajanokka Prison.

Katajanokka Prison.


Katajanokka Prison.

Helsinki Cathedral.

Another Cathedral.


Helsinki Cathedral with lights.

Helsinki Skywheel view, yes we went up there!

Esplanade, Finland beat Canada in Hockey the day before.

The baltic sea.

Esplanade, in preparation of the Lux festival.




Light bulb exhibit as part of Lux Helsinki.

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