Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Norway the price of "free"

Imagine you've never lived in Norway and you read about all the "free" benefits provided here, you would think "Wow what a great deal, let me move there right away!  Holy crap where have I been living compared to this paradise?!?".  In return you pay in excess of 40-45% taxes up front at the very minimum, and more hidden taxes in other living costs, would that then be a great deal?  What if you paid almost no taxes and then had to pay for everything else?  Would that be a worse off deal?

A hint to the clueless who have never read history or studied real economics, all government funded projects provide lower quality than private industry.  Why is that?  Because privately funded companies survive through making profits, those who do not make a profit simply die off.  Profit is a signal that you're doing a good job for your customers, and that's how you survive, it is a signal that you are serving market needs.

Governments do not care about profits, they simply tax its citizens to death (literally) if they run out of money.  They do not improve and often when they do it's because they have no choice.  Do you ever read about anything revolutionary coming out of government other than causing revolutions?  Why is that?  Any mind blowing intelligent people coming out from there who aren't career driven liars and perpetual bullshitters?  When was the last time you ever read anywhere coming out of the government where prices are going down, public transport tickets for example?  Usually the justification is we need more people, or the costs of things are going up, or some other lame excuse fed to the common man.  And boy does the common man love a pile of stinking hot bullshit that doesn't require his brain to spark neuron activity.

Here's one simple example.  The price of education.  Are Norwegians really getting their monies' worth?

In Singapore the average price is $25 (about 18.30 USD) a month for school.  In Norway, it's free, aka paid for by taxes.  But look at the performance difference.  All top performing countries are in Asia, all of them pay lower taxes.  To be fair, this is a very simple example.  There are other things like cost of living, quality of life, etc.  But here I'm saying, it's really really stupid and ignorant to think a country is great because it provides "free" services after stealing a hefty chunk of your paycheque to pay for its own needs.  If you disagree, feel free to go ahead and pay an obscene amount of taxes for a lower quality education for your children.  I'm sure the mathematics workout in a fantasy driven country.

Free is a misnomer.  If I steal 50% of your wages and give you free education that is of substantially lower quality, is it really worth the price of free?  Nothing in life is free, it all comes at a cost, you may not see this cost upfront, but it is there.

Watch the price of free, explained by Professor Dan Ariely.

Norway is currently like the Spain of old, lots of gold.  But no amount of gold ever saved any empire.  It is the people of a country that survive in the long run and contribute to its success.

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