Sunday, March 26, 2017

Norway unemployment

Norway's unemployment has declined.  Hooray?  Not so fast, it's only because fewer actual people are working and more have given up and are living off welfare.

See here in Norwegian, and here in English.

As the welfare state increases, so goes the overall condition of the country.  Afterall, who is going to work if they can get something for nothing?  The introduction of any kind of welfare system precedes the beginning of the decline of the country.  I wrote two years back that Norway has peaked.  Being an oil seller only takes you so far, reality catches up to you quick.

Will never happen in Norway, and when it does, it will be too late.

Eventually we will see the krone at some value way below what it is now, and a substantial decline of living standards.  Doubt what I'm saying?  Well this has already happened, to-date the kroner has fallen in excess of 32% against the US dollar compared to 5 years ago.  That is a massive drop.  The free markets will make this happen, whether anyone wants it to happen or not, and no bureaucrat can stop this from happening.  What we're seeing now is the end of socialism around the world.  No successful country has been built off socialism, not once in history, ever.  And that will never change. But hey, maybe if the citizens of Norway pay the government even more taxes, close to 100% maybe, will it start getting better.

Or maybe not.

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