Monday, May 23, 2011

Bergen, Norway Day 27 - Hardanger, Voss, Ulvik, Eidfjord

8am Or something like that.  Had to get up early to catch the train at 8:40am.  From there our journey took us to Voss then caught a bus from Voss to Ulvik.  From Ulvik we took a boat to Eidfjord.  This makes up the Hardanger in a nutshell day trip.

Photos of the journey along the way.  We sat opposite an Australian elderly couple on the train.  Australians seem to be everywhere we go.

Taken along one of the stops to Voss.  You can see still see snow capped mountains.

The town of Ulvik

Pier where we set sail to Eidfjord from Ulvik

11:45am Arrived at Eidfjord.  From there we took a bus to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre.  There was some confusion initially as we caught the Norwegian speaking tour instead of the English one.  For some reason the English speaking bus never showed up.  The Norsk speaking tour was mostly a busful of elderly Norwegians.  Fortunately when we arrived at the Nature Centre we found the correct bus to catch, which only had 8-10 persons including us.

There were 5(?) Malaysian women on the same bus as we were.  They were probably in their 50s, and were constantly speaking in Teochew/Hokkien.  Perhaps unmarried.

Next couple of photos are taken at the Eidfjord pier.

The restaurant next to the nature centre

At the nature centre we watched a 20 minute panoramic film about the area and that was pretty good.  It was shot from a helicopter so the scenery was just amazing.  There was some cheesy shots involving animals too.

At 1:10pm we caught the bus to the Vøringsfossen waterfall.  Waved to a random Norwegian woman on the bus on the way to/from the waterfall.  She mustn't get many visitors.

Spotted another troll

Snow, it still exists even in May

2:20pm Caught the boat from Eidfjord to Norheimsund and from there, a bus back to Bergen.  Unfortunately for the better part of this journey I was feeling quite sick.  Perhaps from a combination of lack of sleep, weather changes, and lack of a proper diet for the past 24 hours.  So I was asleep most of the time, managed to also throw up on the bus, but all damaged was contained to only one plastic bag.

As I wasn't feeling too well when we got back we had dinner at the restaurant hotel.  The good news is since I'm a member we got a 20% discount on the food which is amazing since almost everything in Norway is about taking as much NOK from you.  The bad news is I didn't finish my food because my appetite was quite dead.  But Lauren managed to help me finish some of it.

Fish soup for Lauren

Fish for me

Today's step count is unknown.  I am guessing 6K steps.

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