Monday, May 23, 2011

Bergen, Norway Day 28

10am Today was a slow day.  The weather was terrible as usual.  Rain, windy, and just dark in general.  And since I was completely sick the night before this morning we had a late breakfast.

After that we took a walk to the fish market and had some lunch there.

Here's our actual lunch.

It was actually 8 oysters, the other 2 were on a different plate.  Nothing can still beat Barilla Bay oysters, in my opinion.

12:30pm Made our way to the Leprosy museum. :)  Why not?  It was interesting.  Maybe not something you would want to visit on a typical holiday trip, but this isn't typical.


The church that was attached to the museum (which used to be a hospital for leprosy patients)

Outside the museum

Outside the church which is attached to the now museum

1:40pm or so.  Left the museum.

Train station


We were going to head off to another museum, the Grieg Museum but that was out of town.  So instead we went to the cinema and booked tickets for Thor in 3D at 9:10pm.  The cost including the 3D glasses were 140 NOK each. :)  After that we came back to the hotel and bummed around until dinner time.

Dinner was takeaway at Bergen kebab.  The cheapest kebabs in Bergen for 40 NOK each.  We went slightly upper class and purchased the medium chicken kebab for 60 NOK each.

That's the kebab.  We had it in the hotel since there was no place to eat in the kebab shop.  It was entirely takeaway.  The kebab is rather long.  Maybe about 60 cm.

Walk count was 9K steps.  Tomorrow morning we will be off to Oslo taking the train at 7:58am arriving about half past 2pm at Lysaker.  A journey on the Bergen railway.

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