Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bologna, Italy and Munich, Germany Day 14

9am Woke up this morning, had breakfast then came back to the room and packed for our train at 11:45am.  Caught a cab to Bologna Central and boarded the train with 10-15 minutes to spare so that was good.

Leaving Bologna, till the next time.. Italia!

11:45am til 6:30pm On the train to Munich.  What I really like about the Eurozone is not having to show your passport to customs, you just board the train, and soon you're in a different country.  It's hassle free.  For example even though I flew to Italy from Norway there is no passport to indicate I've even left the country.  The scenery on the train is beautiful with many mountains, little towns and lots of greenery.

The style of homes built in Germany look different from the ones in Italy

Also read my book on the train, it's a really good read so far and I highly recommend it.  I'll probably watch the movie after I finish the book.  Listened to a few German podcasts too.  I need more partitions in my brain.  Too many languages confusing the partitions.

Part of lunch.  Also had cherry tomatoes and bread.

6:35pm Got off the train and walked to the hotel which is only 500m away.

Hauptbahnhof Central Station

8pm Had dinner at a nearby restaurant called Fleming's which is part of a hotel.  Many of the restaurants we looked at were closed on a Sunday and we didn't want to walk very far.  I had the Wiener Schnitzel as a main, cream of asparagus as a starter and lemon lime bitters as a drink.  Lauren had asparagus with Wiener Schnitzel.  Apparently it is asparagus season.  There was also the customary bread.  We were also given a jar of gum lollies after dinner.  Of course we only had several lollies instead of taking the entire jar.

Salad that came with the Wiener Schnitzel

Yellow Asparagus!  I've never had that before.

Walk count today was only 6K or so since most of our time was spent on board the train.  Tomorrow we're going to the Neuschwanstein Castle.  That should be interesting.  That reminds me the trains are operated by Deutsche Bahn which used to be a client of a company I used to work for.  Funny that.


  1. Not sure how long you will be in Munich, but perhaps you can check out a Bayern or 1860 Munich game?

  2. Don't have time unfortunately, only 1 full day left in Munich!


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