Sunday, May 1, 2011

Capri, Italy, Day 5

7:15am Early start again…. that morning we were going to the island of Capri.  Capri is an italian island off the Tyrrhenian sea.  Our ferry was at 9:20am near the beach.  Here's photos taken while walking to the beach...

Large cacti or some variant

Telephone booth

Restaurant where we had lunch the day before

9:30 Off to Capri on a little speedboat.  There were 6 of us on the boat excluding the driver.

Positano from the Tyrrhenian sea

White Grotto, a cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites, where the limestone rock seems to reflect only white rays of light.

White Grotto

The two structures on the left are known as Faraglioni and they are recognised as the symbol of Capri

The Green Grotto, there's also the Blue Grotto which we went passed but didn't go through

Punta Carena, the lighthouse on the island

12ish We were dropped off at Marina Grande where we had lunch and started our exploration of the island...

Marina Grande, there's two ports on the island, the other port is called Marina Piccola

But first things first... we must have lunch!

Seafood risotto, this tastes more like risotto compared to the other one that we had in Rome.  The other dish is Salmon pasta.

Of course we then had to follow up with gelato...

Pistachio, hazelnut and connolo.  Mine was hazelnut, limonade and straccioletti.

1ish The exploration begins...

A garden with mandarin and lemon trees and artichoke plants.

There's a path that goes up to the central area which is filled with little shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels.  If you walk further there's a path which goes around the island and that was what we did.

Graffiti on plants, it's quite normal to see graffiti on almost everything

Faragloini from Capri island, the path goes along the edge of the island, it's quite high as you can see.

3ish We proceeded to walk back to the central area and then back to the marina to catch the speedboat.  A group of high school students mobbed me as we were walking back. They thought I was Japanese and talked about Nakata.. Honda etc. Of course then they found out I'm actually Singapore... they love Singapore. And Japanese.  Maybe they thought I was a soccer player.

There's a lot of schoolkids on Capri.  Were they here on excursion or was it just holidays?

This is Marina Grande as we headed back.  There's a lot of people!

4ish Chemtrails in the sky :(  Watch if you want to know what these really are...

5:30 Arrived back on Positano then walked straight to dinner!

Zucchini with lemon oil and mint leaves

Mixed fried battered vegetables, potato croquette, pasta cabonara croquette

Mussel soup and cherry tomatoes

Spaghetti puttanesca

...Followed by complimentary lemoncello after they were so impressed that I literally cleaned the plate of Mussel soup.

10pm Sleep... tired... was really tired.  Did a lot of steps around 16-17K.  This post is for April 29th 2011.


  1. I wonder what will come first on that phone in the phone booth, stalagmites or graffiti?

  2. Graffiti. But in Naples garbage came first probably.


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