Saturday, May 14, 2011

Český Krumlov and Prague, Czech Republic Day 19

9am  This morning we had to check out by 11am so that was what we did after breakfast, packed and checked out.  Our bus to Prague was at 1pm so we had some time to kill.  An hour to be precise.

Sometime after breakfast there was some commotion going on outside our window, it's a bunch of teenagers dressed up as nurses and going around yelling in Czech for some reason or other.

Exciting commotion outside our window

We killed our last hour by spending it at the museum.  Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to go through all 3 floors and had to settle with just 1 floor instead.

Walking to the museum we saw this, a piece of bread made part of the wall?  Yes!

Museum entrance straight ahead

The Germans in Český Krumlov

There was a lot of history in the museum, pity we couldn't take it all in!

12:15pm Walked back to our hotel, picked up our luggage and caught a cab to the bus pickup area.  I went to get a drink at a nearby building which housed a vending machine, just so I can get rid of the coins which I had.

Waiting for the bus.  Our bus was a large orange bus run by Student Agency.  Strange name for a bus company but that's what they do.

1pm til 4pm On the bus to Prague.  There was wi-fi on the bus which I thought was incredible.  The wi-fi wasn't very fast but it was usable.  I was very impressed.  The bus showed Kung Fu Panda and some episodes of Friends during the 3 hours.

Caught this shortly after leaving Český Krumlov

4ish Caught a cab from the bus drop off point to our hotel.  Had most of our nuts from Italy as we were quite hungry.  Took a walk to explore and we ended up at the Palladium shopping centre where we had McCountry burgers from.. McDonald's.  They were pork burgers!  After that we took a walk to the powder museum, to the astronomical clock and from there, to karluv most (or Charles Bridge) then to the Manesuv most bridge and then to dinner and back to the hotel.

Different words in different countries mean different things, basically.

At the end of our street, Truhlarska.

Lunch, or sort of.  It was more like a snack really.

Walking to the Powder Tower, so called because it was used to hold gun powder.

Views from the top of the tower.  It wasn't hard to climb, but I still prefer taking lifts.  Spiral staircases make me spin.

From Brisbane, Australia to Prague, Hare Krsnas are everywhere

There was a huge crowd of people coming down the street of Celetna which leads to the main square called Staromestske nam.  It appears that the Czech Republic had been playing a game of hockey.  I didn't know who but I suspected Sweden and I was right.  It was just a pity that the Czech team lost.

Photos taken walking to the main square.  There was a huge tv which showed the game.

More Frescos

A lot of garbage littered around the city square, it was just everywhere.  There were also two girls offering Free Hugs.

Food to comfort the losers and winners

We walked to where the astronomical clock was located and waited till 7pm before it did something fancy for a clock, namely showing animated statues of postles every hour.  Legend has it that the person who built it was blinded intentionally so that it will never be replicated.  How's that for a reward.

Walking towards the Charles Bridge, I took the next couple of photos. 

Spotted along the corner of a building

When we arrived at the Charles Bridge, there were a lot of people.  Not that there were any less before but it really reminded me of Singapore.

Bridge ahead

The sides of the bridge are lined up with figures like the above

There was a man performing mini music concerts with glasses filled with water, very impressive!

Welcome to Prague!

We continued walking to the end of the bridge, gave some money to the person who was the guard and took photos with him.

What the other end of the Charles Bridge looks like, the yellow flag was where we took the next photos.

We took a walk to the other bridge called Manesuv most and then back to the main square area where we had dinner.

View of Charles Bridge from Manesuv Bridge

9pm Dinner was at a retaurant called Apostila.

Lamb with tasty

Corn soup with chilli oil and tiger prawn

Foie gras

Mountain trout

Champagne risotto with tiger prawns

I didn't know Lamborghini makes coffee too??

11:15pm Blogger was finally working when we got back.  So I blogged!

Today's walk count was about 10K steps.  2:30am now time for me to sleep....

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  1. It looks like the bridge guards know martial arts as well!


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