Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hamburg, Germany Day 24 - Miniatur Wunderland

8:30am Woke up, had breakfast at the hotel then caught the taxi to Berlin Central Station to catch the 10:17am train to Hamburg.  The train ride is only an hour.  We arrived into Hamburg at 11pm or thereabouts.

12:40pm Arrived at our hotel which lies along Steindamm.  Along this street lies a mixture of various shops including grocery shops, sex shops, casinos, kebab shops, barber shops and.. hotels.  It's a strange mix.

Our room has really slow internet even though it's LAN.  For faster speeds you have to pay.

View outside our window

2:30pm We took a walk along mönckebergstraße which is the main street leading downtown.  Also had lunch at the Galeria Kaufhof.  There seems to be on in every capital city.  Sort of like Myer in Australia. I had some soup, was it Oxtail?  It sure tasted like it.  And a vegetarian dish that comprised of beans, carrots, cheese, potato and one cherry tomato.  Lauren had potatoes with beef.

Pick up stix?

City Hall

After lunch we walked to Miniatur Wunderland.  It's filled with landscapes and scenes of model railroads and miniatures of Knuffingen, Harz, Hamburg, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, the US and even has an airport.  It also features day and night lights which alternate, which is very cool.

3pm We arrived at Miniatur Wunderland!  I've taken lots of photos but I can only share a few because of this slow LAN connection.

Above taken from the Finland section of Scandinavia

Above is Norway!

My camera battery died halfway and I had to switch to using my mobile phone camera.  Hope the following shots are detailed enough.

6:40pm Left miniatur wunderland and had dinner.  It was seafood, mostly salmon.  It was okay but I probably won't eat it what I had again.

Anyone lose a propeller?

Went to the gym just now but still feel like crap.  Going to bed now.  Again it's after midnight.  Today's step count is 13000+

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  1. I wonder what the rodeo bull is doing amongst all those milk cows.


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