Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Munich, Germany Day 15

8:30am Time to get up and get ready for breakfast.  The breakfast here starts at 8am and there's quite a few people by the time we get in.  The breakfast was average but I've been spoilt the past weeks having far better breakfast.

9am ish Walked to Hauptbahnhof Central Station to pick up the rental car.

Just outside Central Station, sauce udders

11am Set the GPS to Neuschwanstein Castle which is the famed castle used in every single Disney movie.  Unfortunately the map in the GPS was not updated at certain junctures, so we ended up looping.  Eventually we stopped at Murnau train station to take a toilet break and to ask for directions, first from a woman working at a newsagent shop and then from a taxi driver.  Eventually we found our way.

The hidden toilet located at Murnau train station, in case you ever go there

I took a few photos along the way in the car.  The scenery is just absolutely stunning.  Great weather too.  It couldn't have been better.  From Murnau we went to Saulgrub then to Steingaden and from there, to Fussen and stopped at Schwangau where the castle is located.

2pm Parked, bought the tickets and had a quick lunch.  Lauren had pork knuckle and I had grilled sausages with sauerkraut.

Snapped a few photos after lunch!

Neuschwanstein Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle, we skipped this castle

You can catch a horse carriage to the castle too.

3pm Caught the shuttle bus to the top.  I spotted a Singaporean family in the bus.  The accent is just a dead giveaway.  Plus the father was wearing a shirt from Singapore.

Our audio tour was due to start at 3:25, we arrived around 5 minutes late but made it in time to join the group anyway.  The inside of the castle is the stuff of kings.  The king loved swans, you could see them everywhere.  Walls, doors of handles, paintings, etc.  Photo taking inside the castle isn't allowed but I took photos of the scenery from the castle looking outwards.

The lake you see in the distance is an artificial lake.  It's filled up during summer and freezes during winter.

Great views, priceless

You can see a bridge between the two boulders.  Hiking is an activity you can do around the area.

We stopped at the castle shop, bought some postcards and left at 4:30pm.  I bought an ice cream and Lauren bought some water then we took the long walk down.  You can see horse droppings all along the way.  Comes with free families of flies.

We stopped along the side of the road returning to Munich to take more photos.  Lush!

8pm Back in Munich.  Dinner was at a restaurant called Bohne & Malz Gastronomie.  We had a mexican salad to start, Lauren had a pork dish with what tasted like pasta and I had a Caribbean perch with spinach risotto.

Time for bed.  Today's walk count was approximately 10K.


  1. Did you learn any interesting facts about the king??

  2. Other than he loved swans? Well, he only lived in the castle for about 4 months before he died. Certified mentally unwell. Shortly after he was found dead in the lake along with the Dr who certified him. Circumstances remain unresolved till this day.


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