Monday, May 2, 2011

Positano, Italy, Day 7

8:20am Woke up later today.  We didn't have anything planned other than walking, eating and generally lazing around.  Oh and updating this blog.  Breakfast was at 9 or so and after that I blogged for a bit.

11ish We took a walk along Via Cristoforo Columbo and took a couple of pictures.


I haven't seen these people around

Lots of small winding roads, it's a miracle how accidents do not occur

Trees with spikes, it's like a durian but entirely in tree form

12pm Lunch at the beach again, this time we had it at the restaurant next to the one that we had lunch earlier.

Mussel soup

Octopus and potatoe salad

View of the restaurant from where we sat.  I like the canopy that serves as shade.

After lunch we shopped, or rather I followed Lauren shopping.  We also had desert, no gelato after lunch today.

Tart made with many small strawberries

Some kind of pastry :)

2ish Went back to the room and lazed around.  We had new neighbours come in the next room and they were Norwegian.  Haha.  They were elderly and smoking in the balcony.

6:30 Decided to have dinner.  Looked up trip advisor and they recommended a restaurant called "Ristorante Scirocco".  I put that into google maps and thought ok, seems doable, 2.5 kilometres.  I had no idea the craziness that would follow :)  We embarked on a route through the many winding roads and paths that ended up us being in a cemetery.  We actually walked past the cemetery and realised hmm this is a nature hike.  Wrong way go back!  There was a young girl maybe 6 who helped us and could only speak Italian.  She was really enthusiastic but probably not so helpful trying to get us to where we were. :)

Welcome to Positano cemetery!

Anyway we walked back to the junction which turned off to the cemetery and took the other turn that said Montepertuso.  I thought ok piece of cake, we'll be there in no time.  Turns out Montepertuso is 1137 feet (approx 348 metres) above sea level and it takes 1500 steps to get up there!  Of course I didn't know that until I came home and looked it up.  By this time it was about 7:30pm and the sun was close to setting so we had to really push ourselves walking up the steps, going around a corner and then seeing even more and more steps (There's no street lighting whatsoever so I really wanted to get to the top as soon as possible).  Even though we were rushing like crazy to get up to the top, I still stopped to catch some of the great views.  And I saw some goats along the way.

Hiding behind the fence

Was it the best 1137 feet I've ever climbed for dinner?  For sure!  Even though I was sweating like a pig at the end of the hike.

Dinner was seabass with a starter of anchovies.  Possibly the best meal we've had since we got here.  We also finished off with gelato. :)


Seabass, zucchini and prawns

Limonade, Chocolate and Strawberry

View of the restaurant from where we were sitting.  There were people sitting at the other tables around us. :)

So how did we get back down?  Good question.  No way we were walking down.  Instead the restaurant had a free shuttle bus to take us back down which was great!  The waitress called the shuttle bus for us and we found out from her that the restaurant is entirely family owned.  Her dad has 6 brothers and 4 sisters and she has 26 cousins.  Amazing.  She poured us blackberry limoncello (and it still tastes like wet socks, but that's forgivable dinner was just too good) whilst we waited for the shuttle bus and we had a short chat with these two Americans, Kenny who worked as a banker in London and his wife.  Later two other Americans caught the same bus with us.

Here's Positano at night, I thought it would be cool to get some night photos.

Today's step count was about 11K.  Tomorrow we'll be off to Paestum... till then!  1:20am.. time to sleep...


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