Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic Day 20

9ish Woke up late this morning, had breakfast about 10am or so until 11am.  Our day started off with going to the nearby Palladium shopping centre because I'm having problems with my travel adapter and if that goes so does everything else, so I purchased this one for about 50 Australian dollars.  It's expensive but should last me for a while.

12pm Started our walk to Prague Castle.  Took lots of photos along the way!

Along Mostecka, the bridge side that is closest to the castle.  There are so many people here it makes me feel like I'm in an European version of Singapore.

This is Malostranské náměstí which is close to St. Nicholas Church

The All Seeing Eye next to St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church

Walking along Nerudova are shops decorated with various figures.  This one even has armpit hair.

Another All Seeing Eye.  Just around the corner is a path that leads to the Castle.

Building with sgraffiti

The view walking along the sloping walkway to the Castle

1:20pm Entered the Castle grounds.  There was a very long line up to enter the actual palace so we skipped that.  The grounds consists of several courtyards, a gothic church and even a toy museum.

Prague Castle entrance


Fountain in the courtyard

Not sure what this was used for, a well perhaps?  Located in the same courtyard as the fountain.

Past the courtyard lies the gothic church.

2pm We walked some more and went into the toy museum which is the 2nd largest toy museum in the world.  There was one level that housed toys from ancient greece till present, collected from all over the world and another level that housed barbies.  Some of the toys were really impressive!  For example, many of the miniature cooking ware used for toy tea parties could actually be used to make real tea, and they looked really detailed.

You know it's a good museum if Superman's protecting it

Lauren expresses her feelings towards Mr Binks

Teddy bears.  Did you know the first teddy bear was named after President Roosevelt?

So this is where babies come from...

4pm We had a really late lunch, just at a restaurant opposite the toy museum which is located on the castle grounds.  I had a czech cheeseburger and salmon soup and Lauren had grilled chicken.

4:40pm Resumed walking, this time getting off the Castle grounds and to the Lennon wall, which is a wall covered with Lennon inspired graffiti.

Prague love padlocks, located close to the Lennon wall

5:17pm Our next destination was the Dancing House which is a funky looking building housing firms and a french restaurant.  Of course our mode of transport was walking.

Facing the love padlocks is a small canal

Yes that is a giant chair and those are yellow penguins, this is walking along "U Sovových mlýnů" which is next to the vltava river

Barcode baby

Reach Most Legií bridge

On Most Legií bridge, the bridge in the distance is the Charles Bridge

The building with the giant Prada bag on the top is the National Theatre

Lamp post located close to the National Theatre

Fresco along "Masarykovo nabr"

Smiling shed along "Masarykovo nabr"

The Dancing House, you can't enter unless you're a tenant or visiting the restaurant neither of which we wanted to do so instead we headed of to...

6pm The Black Light Theatre.  It uses a theatrical performance style characterized by the use of black box theatre augmented by black light illusion.  Simply put it's really cool to watch.  And the music is pretty good too.  You don't even need to understand English because it's all done in silence with no talking other than music to convey the mood.  The title of the theatre was "Aspects of Alice".  My only annoyance was some Chinese people behind us didn't know the meaning of keeping quiet.  I would highly recommend watching it.

The stage

8:30pm Dinner time.  Spotted Death along the way.  Dinner for me was grilled chicken, czech onion soup for both of us and Lauren had the pork knee for the main.

Death!  He was promoting ghost tours.

Onion soup

Our dinner neighbours were Italian and they kept looking at what we were eating.  Speaking of which there was a large Norwegian tour group this afternoon in the Castle Prague courtyard.

Today's step count was 12K or so estimated.  Tomorrow we're going back to Germany, Berlin to be specific, catching the 10am train and arriving at 3pm.


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