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Kristiansand, Norway - Fiskabrygga, Ravnedalen

Today a friend and I took a trip to Kristiansand from Oslo.  This is what the route roughly looks like.  The weather was nice today, for a change, so we figured, why not.  The plan was to just check it out.

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The journey was roughly 4 hours each way on the E18, distance over 300 kms.  Kristiansand is a city of roughly 83,000 people, which is very small.  Just above a tenth of the size of Oslo, which isn't very big to begin with compared to many other cities, but this is Norway we're talking about.

We arrived at about 5pm or thereabouts.  And since we were pretty much starving at this point, food was the first priority.  We walked through the city, and then to the fiskabrygga (fish market).

Kristiansand Domkirke (Cathedral), Neo Gothic Church completed in 1885, third largest cathedral in Kristiansand, and one of the largest in Norway.  The tower is 70m in height.

Henrik Wergeland, apparently a famous Norwegian writer.  Statue was located close to the church.  He is well appreciated by birds.

Downtown Kristiansand, not many people considering it was Saturday

Probably the least boring McDonald's building I have ever seen, also a similar one in Bergen

Sliding Sushi Doors, I like

More downtown Kristiansand

The fiskabrygga is the most popular destination in Kristiansand.  It's really small though.  The food was okay, but probably overhyped and as everything in Norway, overpriced.  I paid 189 NOK (31 AUD) for a meal that consisted of trout, cucumber, and potatoes at a restaurant called "Restaurant Rett i Garnet".

Boats along the shoreline, near Standpromenaden

Along the shoreline, near Standpromenaden

Giant vase of sorts, near Standpromenaden

Boy on bear figure, near Standpromenaden

Fiskebrygga area, where we had dinner, the restaurant is on the left, mostly concealed but you can see the sign that says "rett i garnet" which is the name of the restaurant

Opps missing an I, did the crab eat it??

Fiskebrygga area, you cross that bridge which is located close to the boat wharf, and you get to Fiskebrygga.

Fiskebrygga area, the Kilden arts performing centre is located on the right, it's the triangular shaped building.  That's a separate bridge from the previous picture.

This woman has to be middle eastern, I have no idea what it's doing in Fiskebrygga


After dinner we took a very short walk to the Kilden arts performing centre, then took a walk back to the car.

Kilden arts performing centre

Another bent lamp post in Norway.  Last one spotted was in Hemsedal!

Along the shoreline, but at a different angle, near Standpromenaden

Along the shoreline, but at a different angle, near Standpromenaden

Sad figure, along Markens gate

Along Kirkegata

Along Kirkegata

Along Dronningens gate

Strange trees spotted along Dronningens gate and Festningsgata, you can see coast at the end of the street

Along Festningsgata and Rådhusgata.

At 7pm or thereabouts, we left the city and drove to Ravnedalen park, located about 2.2 kms away from the city centre.

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Close to the entrance there's a series of rather dangerous stone steps which rise to about 1.1km, and at the top of the mountain, called "Ravneheia", you get rewarded with a good view of the city, which was what we did.  There's also a cafe at the foot of the steps but we didn't go there or walk around the park as we didn't have much time.

The entrance to the park

Walk up the not so well cut rocky stone steps (there's more of them!)....

And you get to see this!

We left at about 7:30pm and I was back home at 11pm ish.  It's also possible to catch a train to Kristiansand via the NSB trains, it's 4 and a half hours each way.

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