Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Legalised theft aka taxes

I need to bitch right now.  I hate taxes with a passion.  Especially the ones in Norway.  I have received a total sum of zero "benefits" while paying so much tax it's like the full salary of a person working in a decent wealthy country.  Norway's "welfare system" is supposed to be really "good".  For example, if you go for a blood test you "only" have to pay 500 nok (85 Australian dollars).  Whereas in Singapore, for paying much less tax, I get the incredible penalty of having to pay next to nothing for a blood test.  See the "benefit" here?  Can you imagine the atrocity??  I'll tell you what, how about I opt out of the welfare system and get given what I paid in taxes instead?  If I fall sick, hey I can take care of myself.  I could fly to any country and get far better treatment!  Or get really really good health insurance with that amount that I pay.  Heck I could afford the best health insurance and still it would be far less than what I paid in taxes.  The matter of fact is, tax is theft and theft is morally wrong.  Just amazing how people will put up with this bullshit.  Ever wonder why tax is taken out before your nett income?  You can imagine how people will revolt if you had to pay tax after you're given your gross salary.  To anyone who oppose what I say, well you are obviously a beneficiary of the legalised thievery.  And thievery benefits those who steal, not those being stolen from.  The other day a Singaporean woman who married a Norwegian was saying I do not understand because I do not have a child, which is a completely moronic statement as she is getting my taxes being paid for her to have a child, so it is obvious that is the reason why she does not complain and is probably a complete fool into believing government love their people as well even though  history has indicated time and time again governments are the ones who kill the most number of people in the world (Now I wonder why is that not taught in textbooks?  Could it be that governments do not want you to know (shudder!!) the truth?).  But wait you say, what about the less fortunate?  Who will look after them?  Well first of all do you think each person first and foremost looks out for a complete stranger?  No, the capitalistic system is based on selfishness.  Some clever entrepreneurs will take on this problem based on their own selfish needs, homes for the elderly are such a solution to an already existing problem. Ahhh you say, but won't it be expensive?  No, because there would be competition and competition brings down cost over time.  What about public roads?  Who will maintain them?  Well Norway's roads are pretty shit as of present, with potholes not uncommon and the rail system needs a huge upgrade, this is in spite of paying insanely high taxes.  More money will not solve the problem.  The truth is entrepreneurship and capitalism will handle these needs, whilst bringing down cost over time.  It's sad that people are unable to think critically nowadays and just blindly accept whatever is being told to them, no one can truly think anymore.

Anyway taxes suck.  Truly.  I don't know about you, but I would rather opt that everybody who works gets to keep every single cent they make.  After-all can you imagine if you go to school, and you score 100 marks for a test, and your teacher says well you're too smart, you have to give 20% of your marks away to someone less smarter than you?


  1. I got all misty. Really. I couldn't agree more.

    Great blog. Post on.


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