Friday, April 13, 2012

Saint Petersburg, Russia, Day 3 - Pionerskaya, Murinskiy prospekt, Buddhist Temple

Day 3, Pionerskaya, Murinskiy prospekt, Buddhist Temple along Primorskiy prospekt, April 7th

10am Woke up to a snowy drizzly Saturday.  Breakfast was pancakes, which weren't that good, coffee, orange juice and bread.

11am or so After breakfast we took a nearby walk to a puzzle shop/exhibit and played around with puzzles for about several hours.  These are IQ type puzzles and games.  There were a surprisingly large number of people there.  Today was the last day.  Anyway, I left the shop with a Rubiks cube. :D  I think the decision was to go to the puzzle shop because yesterday I was trying to solve that Rubiks cube in the cat cafe but couldn't because someone messed up the stickers.  Anyway... after that we bought some ice cream for A's sisters and oh, I also took pineapple tarts with me that were from Singapore (for A's dad and sisters), and an Easter egg from Norway (for A's dad and sisters) and some mint chocolates from Sweden (for A's mum).  We then caught the metro to Pionerskaya and then a short bus ride (that ended up being a long bus ride because of the bad traffic and weather!) to Murinskiy prospekt where her sisters and her dad live.  At Pionerskaya someone was handing out balloons too so A got one to give to her sisters.

Figures outside Pionerskaya metro

Traffic was pretty bad, reminded me of Bangkok

3pm close to 4 Had lunch which was quite nice.  It was made by A's dad who is an engineer.  Some curried pork (which I thought mistook for chicken!), rye bread, lamb soup, and ice cream and Easter egg lollies.  A's dad lives in a pretty small apartment considering several persons live there.  I was quite surprised at how small it was, but he made really good use of the little space available to him with nice shelfs that he had built himself (I felt so lucky to be living in Norway and to have even lived in all the places in Australia, I just couldn't imagine myself living in an area that small, I would probably go crazy.).  Her dad also showed me this photo frame (which was patented by a friend of his) which had a magnetic backing so you could put metal bits and re-arrange it to look like whatever you want.  I thought that was cool.  I didn't really talk much, well, I don't really speak Russian, but it was a nice afternoon anyway. :)  I also got to see A's 2 month old sister.  She has 3 sisters now.

Welcome to the Russian Suburbs...

7pm ish Left and took a bus to the Buddhist Tibetan Temple which was nearby.  Unfortunately it was closed, so we took a walk around the compound instead.  People were dropping rubles everywhere, the compound was just littered with them.

7:40pm We left and took a walk to a nearby shopping centre where we played air hockey, took photos in a booth, and had dinner in the food court.  I also bought some liquorice candy.  It was really warm in the shopping centre so it felt really good leaving it after dinner!  I can't remember the time we left, probably around 9pm or so, back to accommodation sweet accommodation.  The price of milk movie was what I watched before falling asleep.

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