Sunday, April 1, 2012

Singapore, aka the rest of the holidays not spent in Thailand

First of all, Happy April Fools' Day! This is another overdue post in the back log.  It takes so much time to write a post.  Right now I'm still in Norway.

February 1st to the 5th, that's when I was in Singapore after spending time in Thailand, and prior to that I celebrated Chinese New Year and a couple of extra days in Singapore from the 21st to the 25th of January.  Now what I've realised after living here for a year is that it's hard to adjust living here in a cold dark country when you're used to sunlight.  I can also understand why as a Norwegian it's hard to work elsewhere, the work ethic here is just extremely different to what Asians are used to, or Americans or Australians for that matter.  But that's the present.  Life used to be pretty hard for Norwegians.

There's going to be maaany pictures so be prepared, that's a reason why I bought an SLR, to take good photos!

Departing Oslo on the 20th of January, leaving this...

To this.  Singapore.  It was a cloudy afternoon, this is along the east coast.  Singapore's pretty small, it's only about 40kms by 28kms wide!

The next couple of photos are taken around the Singapore river.

Just along Marina Bay Sands

The Singapore Eye (Ferris Wheel) in the background.  Also a bridge that looks like a DNA strand.

The flower shaped opening thingymajiggy on the right is a stadium

It was close to Chinese New Year, so that's why there's these Chinese exhibits set up.

Statue of Sir Stanford Raffles, who is the founder of Singapore

Merlion, located along the Singapore River

The next couple of photos are taken walking from Orchard Road to the Singapore Flyer.  These were taken on a different day from the photos above.

The taller building in the middle used to be the Westin Stanford, which was at a point the tallest hotel in the world.

Next couple of photos are taken at the Singapore Flyer.

The city during late afternoon/evening.

What a capsule looks like, plenty of room to move around.

Another day we had tim sum, this was during the Chinese New Year period.  And of course there was a performance by a lion dance troupe.

We had dinner at Jumbo Seafood along East Coast, this was before Thailand, on the 25th of January.

Arriving back in Thailand on the night of the eve of 1st of Feb, the next morning was spent cycling in Pasir Ris park.  It was a workday so there was pretty much nobody.

Feb 2nd was spent at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.  It rained later during the day and so I bought a green zoo poncho.

One of the many shows available throughout the day.

Dinner was KFC.  Which is quite bad.  But I don't have it often, so that's my excuse.  The night safari started at 7pm.  There's an opening show before then.  I didn't take too many photos

Creatures of the night show.

On the 3rd I don't remember what we did during the day but later during the night I had dinner with my parents at No Sign Board seafood.  The 4th was spent at Underwater World in Sentosa.

They have a dolphin show as well.  Pink dolphins.  And sea lions.

The last day was spent at the toy museum which features over 10,000 toys.  I'm not putting photos of the toys up as this post is large enough but tripadvisor has a review about it.

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