Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vilani, Latvia - Day 3

6:15am This morning we woke up and A's uncle picked us up from the motel and then we went to her grandmother's to have breakfast and say goodbye to her relatives and her grandma.  With my limited Russian, well I couldn't say much, but I did say goodbye.  I was given some chocolates, some lithuanian alcohol, a container of cucumbers and some other snacks.

Goodbye motel bear!

I think we left around 8, and A's mum and her uncle saw us off at the bus terminal which was very small.  The cost was 5.9 lats including a booking fee for an adult one way ticket.  That's about 8.50 euros or 10 australian dollars.  The bus picked us up at 8:27am.

We took a short stop at Pļaviņas, mostly for a toilet break.  I took some photos with the iPad.

Train tracks next to the train station.

Pļaviņas train station.

Some house close to the train station.

12pm Arrived in Latvia.  Again dropped off our bags at the bus terminal.  Then took a walk to the central area where I picked up a book and some post cards.  Close to 1pm we stopped at Kabuki which is an asian restaurant to have lunch.  I was there last year as well.

Non alcoholic mojito.

Chicken gyoza.

Tom yum goong.

Sushi nom nom.

2pm Caught the bus 22 to the airport.  We arrived at 2:40pm, I checked my bags in then went through customs.  The airline I was catching was air Estonia, I'd never flown with them before either prior to today.

Bus 22, the bus that takes you to the airport!

3:25pm Boarded the plane, very small plane, with only two seats on either side of the aisle.  I was sitting alone initially but then some women changed her seat and sat next to me instead.  I wasn't too happy about that because she was sneezing all the time.  My flight took me to Talinn, Estonia, where I had a stopover for an hour and fifty minutes.  I spent the time walking around the airport, checking mail after three days of internet isolation and purchasing a chicken burrito (which was awful) from one shop, and a chicken wrap with a mixed fruit drink for dinner.  Yes I'm a hungry starving child.

The air Estonian logo in a midst of clouds.

Talinn, Estonia.

Talinn, Estonia.

6:50pm We finally boarded the plane after a 25 minute delay.  I arrived into Oslo at 7:15pm, caught the train and was back at 9:30pm.  So ends my remote three day wilderness from the civilised world.

Here's a summary of the trip.  Point A is Riga, Point C is Vilani and Point B is Pļaviņas where we stopped on the way back from Vilani.

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