Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tallinn, Estonia, Day 10 - Kumu Art Museum

12pm Another afternoon start to the day.  Breakfast was at the usual time of 9:45am.  Today, we were going to the Kumu Art Museum.  Following the instructions on the website, we took a walk to Solaris, had lunch at Lido, then caught the 67 to the museum.  Estonia has a pretty good journey planner too so you can check the times the buses come and the routes as well.  Don't think it uses IPTIS, that old public transport system I used to work on, but it's good enough.

Lunch. Potatoes, pancake with mushrooms, salad, fruits and kvass.

Lido decor.

VB 6.0, can't believe this is still being sold in bookstores.  Been meaning to take this picture a while now, I took this in Apollo.

1pm Done with lunch and caught the bus just in time.

Catching the bus to Kumu museum.

One of the museum entrances, but not the main entrance, it goes underground where you show up on a walkway.

Structure near the walkway.

There's the museum.

Structure near the walkway.

Museum entrance.  Entrance fee is 5.50 euros per adult.

Giant phone for giant hands.

Interior of the museum, upper floors.

We're now on the 3rd floor, wing A which features estonian art from the 18th century to 1945, entitled "Treasury.  Estonian art from the 18th c. to 1945".

A Wing area.

Defense towers of Old Town.

A Wing.

On the way home.

Estonian woman with child

The B Wing features the group of estonian artist and art innovation in the 1920s and 1930s, entitled "Geometrical Man. The Group of Estonian Artists and Art Innovation in the 1920s and 1930s".

B Wing.

Ilmarine nailing stars to the dome of heaven.

B Wing.

B Wing.

House painted by an artist nearing death.

This looks really familiar.  I saw this in Berlin, the Neue Wache Memorial.

B Wing area.



Which one are you?

B Wing area.

Verdun cathedral after WWI.

B Wing area.

B Wing area.

B Wing area.

3 paintings designed to look like 3 windows.

Figureheads in the B Wing area.

Lots of figureheads.

Bird man, I guess this head applies to all politicians.

B Wing area, and me.

A Wing area.

A Wing area.

A Wing area.

The 4th floor shows estonian art from 1945 to 1991, entitled "IRWIN. Construction of the Context".  Started off at the B Wing.  The B Wing area showed artwork by a group of artists called IRWIN who emerged in 1983.

This exhibit showed panels of some movie shots, you had to go in underneath and look around to see what's happening.

B Wing area.

B Wing area.  Showing some art network of sorts.

This one was talking about an NSK passport which was an idea, not an actual passport.  But apparently some people have used it to cross borders, even though it's only for art!

The A wing area on the same floor shows Estonian art from 1945 to 1991, basically art from the Soviet period, entitled "Difficult Choices. Estonian art from 1945 to 1991".

A Wing area.

A Wing area.

Blue man dying!

Lift area.


Looking down at the heads from the 4th floor.

Some random art on B wing.

Some random art on B wing.

The 5th floor showed contemporary art by today's Estonians, entitled "Archaeology and the future of Estonian Art Scenes".  I wasn't very impressed, to be honest.  Most of it showed style but no substance.

How to arrange your desk.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Reminds me of Quake the video game for some reason.

I can imagine Snow White using these.

House burning, noooooooo!!!

That's what it says.

Imagine if you had to type all of that by hand.

How the bible was written.

An exhibit showing the working conditions of the artist.

Contemporary art.

Contemporary art.

12% pay raises for everyone!

Creative, yet confusing.

The 2nd floor which showed soviet fashion, back in the day, entitled "Fashion and the Cold War".

Soviet style hats.  Yes I know one of them looks like a mushroom.

Soviet style clothes.

Soviet style clothes.

The kitchen debate game show!  With Soviet Premier Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev and U.S. vice president Nixon. "Of course I agree but what am I agreeing to?" :)  That's not the translation of the Estonian on-screen but what Nikita said in response to something Nixon said.

6pm Left the museum as it was closing time.  We caught the bus back to Solaris taking the 67 or was it 68?  Anyway, dinner at Vapiano again. :)

Penne with king prawns, cherry tomatoes and vegetables.  Wheat spaghetti with beef filet, mushrooms, onions, vegetables, rucola.  Total cost 16 euros.

Back to the hotel around 7pm or so.

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