Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tallinn, Estonia, Day 11 - Balti Jaam, Alter Ego

1pm No breakfast today.  We walked to Balti Jaam to catch the bus 21 to Rocco Al Mare to buy stuff back home.  Balti Jaam is the main railway station in Tallinn.

All aboard!

The Gangsta class part of the train.

Balti Jaam.

Non running train.

Running train.

Breakfast/lunch was at a nearby cafe, close to the train station.

Blood sausage.

Potatoes with mushrooms, it was like a bake.

We bought an hour ticket or something like that as the R-kiosk ran out of single tickets due to a public transport system change.  The next several hours were spent shopping in Rocco Al Mare.  Oh, we also had ice cream.

5:30pm Caught the tram 7 back to the hotel.  After that we had dinner at Alter Ego, which is supposed to be a nice restaurant.  It also has a wine cellar which can store up to 1500 bottles of wine, making it one of the largest in the world.

8pm Off to have dinner!

Near Alter Ego.

Alter Ego restaurant.

Buildings around Alter Ego.

Apple Passion Cocktail.

Complimentary cream of potato soup.

A savory tomato and sundried peppers soup with chunks of yellow-fin tuna, peppers and potatoes.

Mussels, garlic, fresh parsley and Rioja Viura white wine sauce.

Pan grilled mahi-mahi on horseradish cream and king prawn brandada piquillo pepper.

Alter Ego decor.

9:54pm Left the restaurant and took a walk to the Coca Cola Plaza where we watched "Silver Linings Playbook", it's a really funny movie.  Watch it if you can!  It was after midnight when the movie ended,  so we turned in around 1am.

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