Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tallinn, Estonia, Day 7 - Old Town, Reval Cafe, Must Lammas

Today we switched from a self service apartment to staying in a hotel, so most of the morning was spent moving.  In the afternoon we wandered around the Old Town, had lunch in Reval Cafe, went to watch "The Hobbit" at 5:30pm and then had dinner at 9pm at Must Lammas.

The apartment Skoone Old Town Studio used to be a textile factory. :)  Here's some photos of the apartment, ground floor.  The upper floor is a bedroom.  Breakfast was noodles, the ones we bought from the day before.


Living room

Along Suur-Patarei, I took this while taking out the garbage!

11am Left the apartment and caught the bus 90K to the hotel.  Here's the view from the window.

Street running on the left is Tallinn-Paldiski

Park, along Falgi Tee

Toompea Castle, along Falgi Tee

Defense tower, along Falgi Tee

Victory column, Freedom Square

Estonian war of independence, Freedom Square

St John's Church, Freedom Square

Steps, Freedom Square

St Nicholas Church along Harju.

Along Müürivahe.

2:30pm Stopped for lunch at Reval Cafe along Müürivahe.

Interior decor of Reval Cafe.

Interior decor of Reval Cafe.

Pumpkin soup

Duck fillet

Whipped cheese with blueberry sauce

3:50pm Left the cafe and took a walk around Old Town.

Soprus Cinema, Vana-Posti on the right, and Müürivahe on the left.

Deer in Town Square.

Time for a non alcoholic Glogg, Town Square.

Along Viru, where it all happens.

Xmas Deer, along Viru.

Along Viru.

Xmas wreaths, along Viru.

9pm After the movie which went for 3 hours, we took a walk to Must Lammas which served caucasian food, for dinner.

Chicken salad

Chicken shashlik

Beef and potatoes

Chocolate brownie with cranberry sauce

10:30pm Took a walk back to the hotel and nights out!

Must Lammas, looks simple on the outside but good food on the inside.

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