Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tallinn, Estonia, Day 8 - Tallinn City Tour Bus Ride

1pm After breakfast we prepared to go on the Tallinn City Tour bus.  It offers 3 routes around the city and each route goes for an hour.  We started off with the blue route, at Viru Square.

Here's photos taken on the blue route.  It's a challenge taking photos on a moving bus, so they might be a bit blurred.

Along Tallinn-Paldiski.

Along Tallinn-Paldiski.

Kristiine shopping centre. Along Tallinn-Paldiski.

Along Endla.

Along Endla.

Along Endla.

Along Paldiski Maantee.

Estonian open air museum.

Along Vabaõhumuuseumi tee.  This is the sea coast, you can see baltic sea in the background.

Rocco Al Mare shopping centre.

Along Sõle.

Entering Kolde puiestee, one of the nicer neighbourhoods.

Along Kopli.

Along Põhja puiestee, same street as Skoone Old Town.

Marina area, where all the cruise passenger terminals are located.

Marina area.

Marina area.

Marina, close to Passenger Terminal A.

2:30pm Took an hour break, had lunch at Vapiano at Solaris.

Here's the bus!

Curry Chicken Pasta

3:15pm Walked back to Viru square and got on the green line which commences at 3:30pm

Along Narva Maantee, close to Tallinn University.

Song Festival Ground.

Along Pirita Tee.

Along Pirita Tee.

Obelisk memorial along Pirita Tee.

TV Tower.  Not in operation at the moment due to renovations, stands at 314metres.

Pirita Convent.

Along Pirita Tee.  You can see Old Town in the background and the Blatic sea.

Monument along Pirita Tee.

Mermaid statue along Pirita Tee.

Pink Limo!

Cheap Food.

Old Town.

Marina Passenger Terminal A.

4:30pm Back in Viru Square.  Took a walk to the nearby shopping centre called Foorum.  Nothing exciting there except for a giant egg. :)

Roundabout near Viru Square.

Foorum shopping centre.

Giant gold coloured egg.

Inside Foorum shopping centre.

4:52pm Started walking back to Viru Square.  Had a stopover in Nordic Hotel Forum then another stopover in a shop called Hää Eesti Asi (located close to the City tour bus stop) where I bought some cowberry crisps.

Coca Cola Plaza, houses cinemas.

Cowberry crisps.

Can you see the fly?  It's painted onto the latrine!  I took this in the Nordic Hotel Forum toilet.

5:30pm Back on the bus, this time on the red line.  I didn't take any photos this time since it was quite dark.

6:10pm Back to where we were.  The bus driver drove super fast. :)  Did I mention he was the same bus driver for all routes?  He just changes the route sign in front of the bus.  We went back to Hää Eesti Asi where I bought some meat spices.

Shelf full of fruit crisps.

Part of the shop interior.

Dinner was at Pizza Americana.

Chicken, broccoli and mushrooms.

Took a walk back to the hotel afterwards, but not before buying some water at an R-kiosk.

9pm or so, back in the hotel.  We watched "The Seventh Seal", although I didn't finish watching it as I was a bit tired, didn't sleep till after midnight.

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