Friday, December 28, 2012

Tallinn, Estonia, Day 9 - Tallinn Zoo, Rocco Al Mare

9:45am Got up for breakfast.  The breakfast at the hotel was quite... boring.  One of the most boring, ever.  Bread, muesli, limited range of fruit, coffee, preserved juice, eggs, sausages, meat balls and bacon.  And that's it really.  But anyway this morning we were going to catch the blue line bus from Toompea Castle to the zoo.

12:05pm Caught the bus and arrived at Tallinn zoo at 12:25pm.

The Lynx was the zoo's first animal and chosen as the zoo's emblem.

Entrance to the zoo.

Welcome to the zoo!

Since it's winter many of the animals were out hiding in their sheds.  But there were some brave enough to face the cold.  There's supposed to be kangaroos but I didn't see them.  If I was a kangaroo in Tallinn I would be wondering if hell froze over and I was on a different planet.

Related to deer. :)

Related to deer. :)

Roaches, there's a bug house in the zoo.  Gross but they sure can survive, they can even live 3 months without their heads!

Relative of the sheep.

Relative of the sheep.

Relative of the bison.



The area surrounding the zoo :)

Now we approach the tropics...!  It was a cold day, so any heating is appreciated.

Chameleon.  He was just grabbing onto anything and everything.

Nice frog.


Poisonous frog.




Bearded dragons.








Lots of Cotton-top tamarins.

Curious Cotton-top tamarin.

Hungry Cotton-top tamarin.




Gold fish.


Cotton-top tamarin.

Now it's back to the outside again.


Polar bear.  This one wants to play.

Another polar bear that was next to the one above.  It kept doing a walk in and out of its shelter.  Guess he needs his exercise.


Back to the inside again.  This time in another tropical house.




Sea urchin

Marine life.


Monkey.  There were 3 of them.


Back to the outside and back to the entrance of the zoo.  It's time for food!

Boars sleeping.

3pm Took a walk to Rocco Al Mare, which is a huge shopping centre.

Lunch was indian food.  The servings were quite big.

Nasi Bryani with chicken.

Naan bread.

Chicken curry set with salad and dessert.

Decor of the indian restaurant.

After lunch we took a walk around the shopping centre.  I bought a pair of Quicksilver shorts for 18 euros.  We stayed till it closed.  At 9pm we went to the supermarket to buy some water.  My bag beeped before we left, and turns out it was a sticker price label on an item which I bought for a friend!  But it didn't set off the alarms in other shops so what gives eh?  Oh there's a Keith and Charles shop in Rocco Al Mare.  Wonder how many people know that's Singaporean?  Also there's a Body shop here which is Australian.

9pm ish Caught the trolly bus 21 back to Balti Jaam (Baltic station) and took a walk to Vapiano in Solaris where we had dinner.  Needless to say dinner was after 10pm, and we were really tired at the end of it all.

Tomato soup.


Spaghetti with crayfish.

And that's the end of that day!

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