Monday, August 3, 2015

Romsdal, Day 2 - Trollveggen, Trolltindene, Stabbeskaret

July 25th Did another incredible hike today starting from Trollstigen to part of the Troll peaks, on a route called “Stabbeskaret”.  When we were at the top we were at 1431m above sea level, our starting point was around 300m above sea level.  Our overall ascent was around 1200m since we had to up and down and points along the route.  Shifty rocks, going uphill and downhill on snow, it was a challenging hike but truly amazing.  Lakes, waterfalls, drinking water from a waterfall, what an experience.  There was actually good weather, which is all that makes the difference, considering only a few days ago where the weather forecast said it was going to rain the entire week that was a welcome relief.  It took us a total of slightly over 7 hours including breaks going up and down.

The starting point was Trollstigplatået, which is near the Trollstigen platform.  Last year I was in Trollstigen as well but didn't do this climb as I was going to Geiranger.



Trollstigen with the valley, this is about 300m above sea level.

Trollstigen, the bishop mountain is straight ahead.  Can you spot the vehicles on the road?

Trollstigen panorama.

See the waterfall?  We filled our bottles with water from it.

Streams of water leading to the waterfall.

Snow, lots of it even though it's July, afterall we're on a mountain!

Going up the mountain.

Going up the mountain.

Pretty amazing eh?  Trollstigen is on the right in the far off distance.

Going up the mountain.

Going up the mountain.

Up some more, now you can see more snow, and some people on the left.

And more snow... see the stub?  You can see it from the road below as well.  If you look closely enough on the right you can see people going uphill.

Views from the mountain.

Views from the mountain going uphill.

Views from the mountain going uphill.

2pm Finally at our destination.  Stopped for photos and had lunch.

Amazing view of the Rauma valley.

Don't look down!

Some people base jumped that afternoon, see the parachute?

Don't look down!

More mountains in the distance.

Rauma valley.

So incredible! 1431m/4694ft above sea level.

Panorama behind Rauma valley.

Panorama towards Rauma valley.

Just amazing!  Rauma valley on the right (not visible).

At about 3:15pm we headed back.


Beautiful small lakes look at how blue it is!

Going down now, clouds aren't looking very friendly at this point and it was quite windy.

Going back down

Going back down...

Back to base!


Back to Trollstigen.

The route that we took (see 10).

At 6pm We were done.  Headed back to Åndalsnes and I had some chicken at mama rosa.  There's only two food choices in the town, either "Thai" or "Italian", and we picked "Italian" (even though it wasn't really Italian).  Then we headed back to the farm, rested and played poker at night again.  Truly an amazing and incredible day.

Well earned dinner for the day.

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