Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Romsdal, Day 3 - Rauma river

July 26th We were pretty tired today since we did a mountain hike the day before.  Most of the day we were relaxing in the apartment, me, uploading photos and the other guys were chilling as well.  Still we did a short hike in the afternoon in the forest near the river.  There's a small beach and a lake which was really nice, minus the amount of mosquitoes.  Later in the afternoon it started to rain so we retreated back to the room.  Later in the evening we played "Risk" and decided what we were going to do the following day.  The plan was to visit the Valldal valley where the movie "Ex Machina" was filmed, really good movie by the way if you haven't seen it!  And then later in the afternoon catch the train back to Oslo.

Rauma river, it was getting ready to rain...

Route we took in the forest.

Box which contains a visitor's book, we wrote our names in it.

Small beach with the river running through.  You can also fish here.

The lake, looks pretty eh?  Lots of mosquitoes though!

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