Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oslo, Norway Day 30

Today was spent mostly going around Oslo city. As per the usual culprits.  Nothing that I've never mentioned before, see this post and this post.  Caught the tog from Stabekk to Oslo S.  Someone tried to ask us for money at Oslo S, as usual.

So what I'm going to do is showcase the differences between the seasons, check out the following photos.  It is simply stunning.

Winter 2010

Spring (Late April 2011)

Summer (May 24 2011)

Today's meals

Breakfast at home

Lunch at Sakana Sushi

Miso soup

Sashimi and sushi

Dinner was at Norwegian restaurant called Lofotstua that specialises in fish and some other exotic sea animals.  It's located at Majorstua.  We walked there after visiting Frogner Park.  I've been to that park so many times now.

That's seal meat.  Tastes like kidney.

Fish soup

Haddock "Chicken style"

Sea Perch

And today's walk count was 21800+ steps.  The highest for the past 30 days.

Tomorrow at 3pm I will return to my regular non holidaying life in Oslo.  So, what will the future hold?  How long will I stay in Oslo, the most expensive city in the world for 2010?  Will I continue sacrificing my time in exchange for the strange pleasure of having computer created numbers with dollar prefixes on a computer screen?  Or will I do something totally... unexpected?  And who knows what that might be?

To find out, you must continue to read this blog...

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